The Depression Year

Nearly another year between posts. There's a good reason this time.

Given the state of the world this past year, you'd think I would've found more time to get out on the bike and tour around the countryside. In truth, I did get out a few times; mostly quick afternoon trips, just to get out and blow the cobwebs off.

Why not more often though... I mean, motorcycling is a pretty decent social-distancing activity. And in the year 2020 (and going into 2021 it would seem because people apparently can't handle wearing a mask without it infringing on their "constitutional rights"), social-distancing activities were all we could really do. It feels like most of my summer was doing chores and ticking off items on the honey-do list. Not because I wanted to, but because I was bored.

So again, why not get out and ride more? Honestly? I think depression would be the answer there. Depression and a sense of needing to be productive, I think. It's hard to enjoy the ride when, first of all, you're so lethargic that even pulling on your riding gear seems like a chore, and second, when out thinking about chores back at the house. It's annoying to be enjoying a day and then thinking "Oh, but I should be home weeding that side garden".

Part of the enjoyment of riding, for me at least, is heading out for a couple of hours, and then stopping at a bar or restaurant and sitting for an hour or so. It's nice to kick back with a beer and bud and shoot the shit for a spell, then get back on the bikes and start rolling on home. That aspect was negated because of the Pandemic as well.

There's at least a light at the end of the tunnel now. The vaccines have been approved and are starting to make their way to the masses. As a middle age, mostly healthy, non-front-line worker, I'm not going to be getting mine anytime soon. But hopefully by summer? It'd be nice to get out and put some more miles on the odometer.

Here's to hoping the vaccine opens up those vistas again.

Created while trying to beat away the blues on Jan 13, 2021
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