1921 J

1921 saw the engine getting some work, with revised connecting rods, piston pins, rings, and pistons themselves. 1921 was also a rough year for the company itself, with the factory being closed between mid-March and mid-April, and the officers receiving a 15% cut in pay. 

Bike Model: J
Bike Year: 0
Bike Price: $485
Engine type: 61ci F-head V-Twin
Production Totals: 4,526
1921 J

1928 JDH

Thanks to a rather sophisticated and powerful 74.2-cid V-Twin motor, the 1928 JDH “Two-Cam” was one of the fastest motorcycles available to the general public. It was available in both a stripped down and full road version, in which the latter included electrics, carburetor air cleaner, weather protection and front and rear brakes. The JDH was capable of reaching the then unheard of top speed of 85 mph. It’s no wonder many of the stripped down versions found their way onto race tracks.

Bike Model: JDH
Bike Year: 1928
Bike Price: $200
Engine type: F-Type
Production Totals: 13
1928 Jdh