1911 Model 7-D

Learning from the flaws of the V-Twin in 1909, the 50ci F-head V-twin available on the1911 Model 7-D was the Motor Company's first successful V-twin configuration. So successful, in fact, that the V-Twin has been available every year since.

Bike Model: Model 7-D
Bike Year: 1911
Bike Price: $300
Engine type: F-head V-twin
Production Totals: 5625 (Detailed figures not available)
Hd1911 model7 D 2

1912 X-8-E

1912 saw some serious growth for Harley-Davidson, with the construction of a new five-story building that will eventually become the Motor Company's headquarters. Within 10 years, H-D had expanded its dealership network to over 200 Dealers nationwide. H-D also started exporting motorcycles to Japan, specifically for the Japanese Army. The X-8-E shown here had a 61ci V-Twin that now came standard with the Bosch magneto, and twist-grip compression release. This was also the only year the engine had iron pistons, as opposed to the iron-alloy pistons that would follow.

The pictures here were taken from https://www.bonhams.com/auctio...

Bike Model: X-8-E
Bike Year: 1912
Bike Price: $285
Engine type: F-head V-twin
Hd x83 1