Rain, Rain, Go Away

I like the rain. When I lived in Oregon as a child, I got used to the gray, dreary days. Even if it was raining, we'd be outside playing. Granted, it was usually a soft rain, drizzle or mist. Not thunderstorms or hard, driving rain like we'd get in the desert. The rain in Oregon wouldn't drown you.

Oregon rain is the kind of rain we've been experiencing here in Northern Virginia now, for more than two weeks. Someone told me the area broke a record for most consecutive days with measurable rain for this period. I believe it. Even the ducks are starting to look drowned.

While I do like the rain, I like being able to do stuff outside too, that requires it to not be raining. I need to clean my garage. There's a lot more yard work to finish (who am I kidding, yard work is never finished). And I'd like to go riding, take a weekend, and throw the tent on the back of the bike. While riding in a light drizzle, or even moderate rain doesn't really bother me, given I'm probably attired, I do need new tires. Mine are getting a bit worn, and having worn tires isn't advisable even in perfect conditions.

Hopefully the rain ends soon. And hopefully, I pry open the wallet and buy some new tires soon

Created during a rain storm on May 12, 2016
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