Harleyroads v3.0

While it's not done yet, I've decided to go ahead and start writing entries here as if Harleyroads was finished and live. As I type this, I'm still on my dev server, and still have a lot of bits and pieces to finish up. But getting in the habit of writing is important, so I figured I'd do that much at least. It has the added bonus of putting some text in place to see what this Journal section will look like when populated.

The title of this post is Harleyroads v3.0, but in reality, I'm not exactly sure what version this is. I'm arbitrarily calling it 3.0, because I have two pervious versions that I had before that actually stuck around. Utilizing the Wayback Machine, I found probably five or six different layouts, but they weren't around for long. At least I don't think they were. Harleyroads has been in existence since January of 2000, so there's been a lot of comings and goings of layouts. The layout below is the most recent iteration, having been in place for about three or four years now.

Hr V2

As well as an updated look, I'm pretty much revamping, well... everything. I'm changing the focus of the website, from a blog about news and info related to Harley-Davidson, to more a relaxed format, broken into three sections: the Journal, which you're reading and will be where I talk about anything that strikes my fancy, be it Harley-Davidson or not; the Travel section, which will (hopefully) be more of a photoblog, detailing my trips I take on my bike, and; Decades, which will explore the history of Harley Davidson. This is the only part of the old site I'll be carrying over. I'm leaving the bulk of the entries on the old site, which I'll zip up and archive once I push this one live. It's easier, mostly because I'm changing the backend of the site as well. I'm moving away from ExpressionEngine, and instead moving to Craft CMS. (#geekalert) Mostly this is personal preference, as I think Craft is better built and easier to use. Hell, the updater alone is worth the price of admission as far as I'm concerned. Updating ExpressionEngine was always a nightmare.

So welcome to the new digs. Hopefully you stick around. Hopefully I publish more content to make it interesting enough for you to do so.

Recorded while avoiding work on Mar 16, 2016
Grab life by the handlebars
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