Best Laid Plans, Ad Nauseam

My wife went to visit a friend in Germany for a couple of weeks, so I decided to take a week off while she was gone and do some camping. I had planned on going down the Blue Ridge Parkway and camping in a couple of spots, while taking some video. I was excited to do a large trip report for my Travels section, something that's been neglected since 2016(!)

The weather didn't look promising, so I decided to cancel those plans and maybe wait until later in the week. Unfortunately a friend reached out needing help moving. So I spent the last five days of my vacation packing and moving. While I enjoy helping my friends, moving is close to the top of the list of things I deplore. And that's what I ended up spending the majority of my vacation on. That and power washing my entire house.

Ain't that just some crap.

Scribbled while being grumpy about missed vacation on Jul 29, 2021
Get lost. On purpose. Again.
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